A Little About Me...
My name is Takim Jones, but you can call me TJ or Puma.
(Puma is my spirit animal that I grew to love when I was younger).
I enjoy animals, socializing, and gaming.

I'm a motion graphic designer with 6+ years of experience in the healthcare, pharma, corporate, and gaming worlds. I have created motion graphics used in multimedia campaigns, social platforms, promotional products, advertisements, and client brands. I excel at digital storytelling to bring ideas to life through the power of animation & AI, while collaborating with design teams to create top notch campaigns for clients.

I have experience as a Leader, in the form of creating and managing my own
Esports teams like DarkSpark and Rise of Rookies.

My biggest goal is to absorb as much knowledge as possible,
so I can inspire many through the power of animation & AI.

Please feel free to reach me on:
LinkedIn  |  Instagram  |  YouTube  |   Twitch


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