Social Thriving Assets
Social Thriving is a Social Media Growth & Marketing Company that encourages organic and realistic boosts to branding development, through the use of Instagram.
My role was to enhance the social media presence of Social Thriving and
their clients through the use of interactive and eye-catching m
otion graphics, video, GIF's, and animation.  This also includes creating a Style Guide for the company.
IG Posts | GIFs | Email Animations | Style Guide
Social Media Posts
Social Thriving is looking to build its social media presence.
My role was to create visually attracting videos that details the company and how they can benefit the viewer by starting a plan with them.
Email GIFs
Sent on every header to give a memorable experience.
GIF Collection
Breached into an untapped market by creating fun GIF stickers on Instagram,
via Giphy,
 that generated over 2 Million viewers and users.
Created a GIF package plan for clients that can be promoted on social media.
Style Guide
Created branding guidelines that highlights the essence of the company.

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